How To Fix Bluetooth Driver Code 43 Error

One of the best features in any computer is Bluetooth, which provides simple access to devices without any wired connectivity. But sometimes people face a problem such as Bluetooth Driver Problem Code 43.

As you know, Windows is one of the best Operating systems, which has billions of active users. The OS is specially used on computers. So, there are multiple problems, which people encounter using their system.


Bluetooth provides wireless connectivity between two devices. The speed is relatively fast, which doesn’t need any internet connectivity. So, the sharing features are completely free for the users.

People used to connect different devices using this system, which includes a mouse, speakers, and many more devices. So, the system provides quite amazing and simple services, through which users can have fun.

But most of the time, it will be a problem for the users. Sometimes people encounter different problems, which affect the connection. So, users cannot be able to start the communication, which is quite frustrating.

One of the most common errors is with the drivers of Bluetooth. The driver provides information related to the Bluetooth device to your OS system. But sometimes your OS doesn’t recognize it and get 43 error.

So, if you are also facing an error on your system, then don’t worry about it. Today we are going to share the best solutions, through which you can easily solve this problem and enjoy it. So, stay with us and enjoy.

How to Fix Bluetooth Driver Code 43 Error?

Solving Bluetooth Driver Code 43 Error is quite simple. There are a series of solutions, which you can use to solve the issue. So, we are going to share some of the simple steps with you all, which anyone can easily follow.


One of the best and simple processes is to use the troubleshooter, which will automatically manage and resolve all issues. The process of troubleshooting is also quite simple and easy, which you can easily access.


So, access the settings and find Updates & Security section. Once you opened the section, then find troubleshoot in the panel and click on it. Find the additional troubleshooters and launch them.

You will get a Bluetooth section, through which you can run the troubleshooter. The process will take some time and resolve all problems easily. So, now you can use your system without any problem.

Update and Reinstall Driver

If you still encounter the issues, then try to resolve the issue using the device manager. So, launch the device manager from the windows context menu press (Win key + X). Find the device manager and launch it.

Here you will get information about the driver. So, first try for the available updates, which you can search online. Search online drivers and install them on your system.

Update and Reinstall Driver

If the process isn’t working, then uninstall the driver and reinstall them. You can also uninstall the driver and update your windows, through which you will get the best and compatible drivers on your system.

Hard Reset

If any of the above didn’t work for you, then the best available option is a hard reset. You have to turn off your system and unplug your charger. Now hold the power button for 15 seconds and then start your system.

This process will completely resolve all your issues instantly. The hard reset will not affect any of your available data. So, you don’t need to worry about any data loss or other issues. Here system will reset some of the main features.

So, after this process, your system will work. But if you still got any errors, then let us know about them. We will provide further guidelines, through which you can easily resolve all those problems.

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Final Words

These are some of the best available steps, through which you can resolve Bluetooth Driver Code 43 Error on your Windows. So, start exploring more amazing services here and enjoy your quality time.

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