How To Speed Up Old Laptop Or Computer

If you are using an old machine and facing multiple errors, then don’t worry about it. Today we are going to share some of the best tips to Speed Up Old Laptop performance instantly.

Computers provide some of the best and largest collections of services for users. There are billions of users, who use computers to access different types of services. But usually, they face multiple problems.

Speed Up Old Laptop

There are multiple methods to Speed Up Old laptop, which we are going to share with you all. Having an old system is common in this era, but the performance can be boosted up using simple steps.

If you are using a system, on which you face multiple bugs, lagging, and other issues? Then don’t worry about it. You guys have to make some changes in the system, through which you can easily solve all these problems.

There are some steps, which are free and don’t need any kind of changes in the hardware components. So, we are going to share all free Tips and Tricks, which are simple and free. Anyone can easily start the process and boost their system.

Update Drivers

If your system is responding is slow, then you should update the device drivers. The device drivers provide active communication services between the hardware and Operating system (Windows).

So, the communication path should be fast and active for better computing results. But sometimes the Drivers get affected, which directly affects the performance of the system. So, you can easily update the drivers.

The updates of drivers will improve your system performance instantly. So, if you are willing to know detailed information, then we have some of the best guides you can try Update Windows Drivers Using Device Manager.

Clear Storage

If you got more data in your storage, then you have to filter it out. You have to delete all unnecessary data from your system. Especially try to keep free more free space in the main partition, in which windows is installed.

You can move the data to other partitions, through which your system speed will improve easily. The process is also quite simple. Just move all the files from the main partitions and past them in other partitions.

Uninstall Programs

As you know, usually we install programs on the system, but we don’t use them. So, those types of programs have no use on the system. Simply uninstall all those programs from your system.

Uninstall Programs

So, if you don’t know about programs, then don’t worry about it. We are going to share the process, through which you will get all information about the available applications on your Windows.

Access setting of Windows, and open the section of apps. You can find all available apps available in the section Apps & Features. Explore the list of apps, which are available on your system and find unnecessary apps.

Once you found any unnecessary program on your system, then make a click on it. You will get the uninstall option, which you can select and follow the process. The process will take some time to uninstall the file.

But you have to remember, not to uninstall the useful files from your system. So, try to uninstall apps, which are not in any kind of use for you. It will help your system to speed up the performance.

Remove Programs Running on Startup

There are certain apps, which run on the startup of your systems. Most users accept terms and conditions without reading them. Mostly, the apps requested to add as a startup program. So, these programs run on every startup.

The programs of startup up automatically run in the background. So, these files also affect the performance of your system. So, you should find all startup files and remove them.

Remove Programs Running on Startup

To know about the startup programs, you have to open Task Manager (press Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc). Access the section of a startup, in which all the programs are available. So, you can easily remove unnecessary programs.

These are some simple methods, which you can use to boost up your system. So, if you are willing to access all these services, then you have complete guidelines available above for you all


Use these methods to Speed Up Old Laptop easily and enjoy computing even more. If you want to know more about drivers and other computer-related information, keep visiting our website.

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