How To Check Device Driver Versions In Windows 10?

In any Windows Operating System, multiple types of drivers make the system perform correctly. Therefore, learning about the version is quite important. So, stay with us and know How to Check the Device Driver Version In Windows 10.

There are multiple versions of windows and recently it introduced the latest version 11. But most Windows users love to use the 10 version. There are still millions of active users, you use windows 10. Therefore, today we are here with the information about your system.

There are different types of drivers, which perform different tasks in the system. It simply provides all the information, through which your hardware performs different tasks. Some of the most common drivers, which anyone heard about can be Graphic, Sound, and others.

Drivers In Windows 10

As with other versions of windows, in 10 you also have different types of drivers. These files tell your system to react and perform. So, without the driver, your hardware is quite useless. Therefore, they are quite important for any system to work perfectly.

Sometimes, people face different errors, which is why they have to know about the version. Microsoft provides multiple updates, which works better than before. These updates are usually automatic, which is why users don’t know about them.

But in some cases, drivers won’t update automatically, which causes different issues. Therefore, learning about them is quite important. So, we are here with complete information for you all, which you can easily learn and know about the driver’s version.

How to check device driver versions In Windows 10

There are multiple methods available, through which you can know about device driver versions on Windows 10. So, we are going to share some simple and easy methods with you all. You don’t have to go through any hard steps. So, stay with us and enjoy.

One of the most common methods to get information about the drivers is using device manager and another is using PowerShell. So, we are going to share both of these methods with you all and you can use any of these to learn.

Find Device Driver Versions Using Device Manager

The device manager provides all the information about drivers. So, you can easily access the device manager from windows or use (Windows key + X). You will get a panel on the left side of your screen, in which you have to click on the device manager.

Once you launch the software, then you will get all the available drivers on your system. So, you have to expand any available section, in which you will get all files. So, right-click on the driver and open the properties.

In the properties, there are multiple sections available. Each of the sections provides different information, but to know about the version access the driver section. In the driver, you will get all the required information, which includes provider, date, version, and many more.

Find Device Driver Versions Using Device Manager

The process is quite simple and easy, but you have to follow the same steps for each driver. So, if you want to test multiple versions of your drivers at a time, then the process will consume more time. But don’t worry about it because we got the solution.

Find Device Driver Versions Using PowerShell

As you know, PowerShell reads only scripting language like CMD, but it is more powerful than CMD. So, you can easily figure out the versions using PowerShell. So, if you want to get all the information about drivers in a few seconds, then it is one of the best ways.

So, you have to launch the program, which is also available in the link menu. So, press the Windows key and press x. You will get the link menu, but here two types of PowerShell are available. You have to select the one, which is marked, admin.

Allow admin access and launch the program and wait a few seconds. You will get your system bit information, after that type, the script [ Get-WmiObject Win32_PnPSignedDriver| select DeviceName, Manufacturer, DriverVersion ](without []).

Once you type it, then press enter and wait a few seconds. The process will take a few seconds according to your system speed but provide you with all the information. So, here you will get all driver’s versions in the third column.

ind Device Driver Versions Using PowerShell

So, you can use this method to get all the information instantly, which doesn’t require any kind of hard steps. If you face any problem with these steps, then you can also contact us. Leave your problem in the comment section available below.

Final Words

We shared some of the simplest methods to check device driver versions In Windows 10. You can easily learn these steps and also get more information from this website. So, if you want to get more information, then keep visiting our website.

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