NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Drivers Download [Win 10/8/7/Vista]

NVIDIA Provides some of the best GPUs of all time. So, if you are using the GT 9500, then we are here with the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Drivers to enhance performance.

The high and quality graphic display is one of the most important things for any computer user. So, today we are here with a simple way to upgrade your graphics easily.

What are NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Drivers?

NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Drivers are Graphic Utility programs, which are specially developed for GF 9500 GPU. Get the updated drivers to resolve all graphics-related problems and boost performance.

If you are using the graphic card GA-622, then you can also enhance the performance. Get updated Gigabyte GA-622 Drivers and resolve all errors easily.

There are different digital devices are available, which offer unique features for the users. But one of the main features is the display experience, which everyone wants to have smoothly.

You can find multiple types of graphic processors, which provides better graphics for the users. Not all users want to have a better graphic card, but if you are a gamer or animation designer, then it matters.

So, NVIDIA is one of the most popular and leading companies, which offers multiple types of graphic devices. You can find tons of popular GPUs, which are popular all over the globe.

NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Driver

With a better GUP, you can have a fast image rendering process. Most games required a fast image rendering process to have a smooth gaming experience.

Therefore the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT is one of the best GPUs, which are available. The device isn’t the latest or most powerful one, but you can have a good experience at a normal price.

Here you can have some quality specs for the users. So, we are going to share some of the specs of the GPU with you all here.

The GeForce 9 Generation card offers a 600 MHz GPU clock and a shader clock of 1500MHz. So, you can have a quality experience. The memory isn’t quite high as compared to the latest products.

NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

But here you will have an experience of 512 MB Memory Size with the type of GDDR3. You will get a memory Bus of  128bit and bandwidth of 32.00GB per sec.

The card also supports DirectX 11.1 but will have some difficulties. But you will get a smooth experience on DirectX 10.0. So, you can have the best quality graphic experience here and enjoy it.

There are similarly more features available, which you can explore and have fun with. So, if you want to explore all these amazing features, then you only need to get the Grpahics Card.

Common Errors

There are also some common problems, which you can encounter while using this card. So, find some common problems in the provided list below.

  • Improper Display
  • Game Crash
  • Blue Screen
  • Unable To Play Video
  • GPU Heats Up
  • Many More

Similarly, there are more errors, which users might encounter while using this device. So, one of the best available methods is to update the GeForce 9500GT NVIDIA Driver.

The driver performs an important role in data-sharing between the OS and the device. So, users can have a smooth experience without any problem.

Therefore, we are here with the updated drivers, which you can easily download and resolve all related issues. Get more information about the available drivers.

Compatible OS

There is a limited number of OS, which are compatible with the available drivers. So, get information related to the compatibility below.

  • Win 10 64bit
  • Win 8 64bit
  • Win 7 64bit
  • Win Vista 64bit

If you are using any of these OS, then you can find the updated Drivers on this page, which you can easily get. You can get more detailed information about the downloading process below.

How to Download NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Updated Driver?

We are here with the fastest downloading process of the utility programs for you all. So, anyone can easily get the updated drivers from this page.

Find the download buttons available at the bottom of this page. You can easily start the downloading process by making a single click on it.

Different editions require different drivers. So, get the driver according to your Windows Edition. You can find various download buttons below.

After the click, wait a few seconds. The downloading process will soon start automatically. If you had any problems, then let us know using the comment section below.


How to Improve NVIDIA 9500 GPU Performance?

Get the updated driver to get better performance.

Can We Play High-quality Games Using 9500 NVIDIA GPU?

There are games, which you can play. But you cannot play games with extreme graphics.

How to Updated 9500 Nvidia GPU Driver?

Download the file from this page and run .exe download program. The drivers will be updated automatically.


If you want to have the best graphic experience, then get NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT Drivers. You can enjoy spending your time on your system with fast image rendering.

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Graphic Driver

  • Win 10 64bit
  • Win 8, 7, Vista 64bit

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