Update Intel Graphics Driver

If you are using the Intel system and using Windows 11, but encountering problems with the graphics, then don’t worry about it. We are here going to share the best information about Intel Graphics Driver.

As you know Intel is one of the most popular companies, which provides multiple devices. As compared to the other features the company provides the best microprocessors, which have millions of users.

Intel Graphic Driver

Like any other system, the Intel Graphic Driver also provides some of the best display services. The system provides advanced-level of services, through which users can enjoy getting a better display experience on their device.

But after the introduction of the latest Windows versions, users are encountering some errors. The errors are quite common in Windows 10 and 11. So, if you are also facing similar issues, then don’t worry about it.

The developers have provided the latest updated drivers for the users, which you can use to resolve all graphics-related errors from your system. So, if you are encountering any errors, then stay with us to know all about it.

Before, getting information about the latest version of drivers, you have to gather information about your system. So, we are going to share the process with you all, through which you can get all the required information.

The latest update is compatible with only Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit updates (1809). If your windows are older, then you have to update them before the installation of the latest diver. So, find information about your Windows version below.

How to Find Windows Version?

The process is quite simple, which only required some simple steps. So, you have to press (Windows key + R), which will run the Run Dialog Box. Users have to type (Winver) and press enter. The About Windows panel will appear.

Image of Intel Graphics Driver

So, all the information related to your version is available. If the version is above (1890), then you can find the OS version. But if you are using previous versions, then you have to update the OS version before installation of new drivers.

How to Update Windows 10 and 11?

If you are using an older version, then you have to update. The process is quite simple and easy for everyone. You have to access the settings section of your system and open the Update & Security. Here you can find all information.

Internet is one of the important things here for updating your OS. Here you can easily start the updating process of your OS easy. Once the process is completed, then install all updates. Don’t forget to restart your system.

Once you restart after the updating process, then you should recheck the version. Using the Run Dialog Box for verification. Once you are done with the updating process, then you are free to install the latest drivers.

If you are having a problem with updating other drivers, then we have some guidelines here for you. You can try How To Update Drivers On Windows 11?

How to Get Intel Graphics Driver

The Graphics Driver is the latest available version of the driver, which provides some of the best collection services. You can get the bug-free driver on your system and enjoy your time on your system without any errors.

The official website provides the latest version of the driver for the users, through which you can get it on your device and enjoy it. There are different variants available according to the OS and machines. So, select carefully and get it on your device.

Can We Install Intel Graphics Driver With Windows Update?

It is one of the most common problems, which people encounter. They update their windows but don’t get the latest drivers. Most of the latest drivers are only available on the manufacture’s website before they are added to Microsoft Windows Updates.

So, sometimes you don’t get the latest updates, which is why getting them from the Manufacturer’s website is one of the best options. You will get the latest versions with OS updates but after some time. So, you have to wait for the updates.

Most Beneficial Features of New Diver

The New Driver will improve the user experience, but the gamers will love the New Driver. Now you will find no lagging or buffing issues playing high-quality graphic games anymore. Your system will respond faster and smoother.

 Additionally, high-end 3D animation will be quite easy for the designers here. You can enjoy working with the updates without any problem. So, explore more amazing services on the update and enjoy your quality time.

Final Words

The Intel Graphics Driver update provides some of the best collections of services for the users. So, if you are willing to enjoy your time on your system, then get the newest updates.

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