How To Fix Corrupt Audio Drivers

Getting issues with computers is quite common, for any Windows system operator. So, if you are having a problem with the sound of your system, then get all information about solving methods of Corrupt Audio Drivers.

Any computer user faces different problems, which is quite a problem. In any machine, it is common to get errors, which are also quite easy to resolve. So, get some of the best solutions here to make your system active and fast.

What Are Drivers?

Drivers are software components, which provide active communication between the hardware and Operating system of your computer. Your system has multiple drivers for each hardware, which Windows can operate.

The driver shares data back and forth from the Operating system to the hardware component, which will tell how to operate. So, the communication should be active and fast, which will provide the best experience of using a PC.

But sometimes the driver has issues and errors, which is why the behavior of the system changes automatically. Therefore, users encounter multiple issues with their system. So, we are here with one of the most common issues.

Corrupt Audio Drivers

Corrupt Audio Drivers are one of the most common reasons to get an error in the sound or no sound. If you are encountering any issue with the sound, then you don’t need to worry about it. We are here with the best solutions.

First, you need to test your audio devices, which is one of the best steps. You can connect the speakers or other available devices with another system. If your speakers are working, then you have to get the information in your system.

So, we are going to share some of the simple steps, which you can test to improve your system’s sound quality. So, stay with us and explore some of the best and simple steps to resolve sound errors.


One of the best and simple methods to resolve sound issues is Troubleshoot. The system will automatically fix the problem. The process is also quite simple, which anyone can easily follow and complete.

Update Audio Driver Using Windows Update

To Troubleshoot, you have to access the windows settings and open the Updates & Security section. In the side panel, you will get troubleshoot section, which you have to open. After opening the section, access additional troubleshooters.


In the additional section, the playing audio section. So, use the troubleshooter, through which you can resolve the issue easily. If you still encounter problems with the sound, then you have to try more steps.

Troubleshoot Audio Drivers

Update Sound Driver

Sometimes, there is the latest version available, which can easily resolve the issues. There are multiple ways to update drivers. So, you can use the device manager or windows update.

We are going to share both of these methods with you all, which you use to update. So, you can select any one of these methods and update your system driver to get active sound quality.

Update Audio Driver Using Device Manager

Updating using the device manager is also known as the manual driver updating process. So, you only need to access the device manager from the windows context menu press (Win key + X), and open the device manager.

Update Audio Driver Using Device Manager

Once the manager is launched, then find the sound driver and make a right-click on it. Select the first option of update driver and select online search (If you don’t have a driver on your system).

Update Audio Driver Device Manager

The process will take some time according to your internet speed. So, complete the process and restart your system, which will solve your issue easily and you will get the best sound quality.

Update Audio Driver Using Windows Update

Updating Windows is one of the best available methods, which will fix multiple errors in your system. There are various updates, which are provided for users to get the experience of better computing.

So, updating your OS is one of the best available steps to resolve multiple errors. So, to access the process, you have to access the settings and open the Updates & Security section. Access the Windows update section and check for updates.

If you had any updates, then easily start the process. Once the updating process is completed, then restart your computer and install all the updates. All your problems should be resolved after the updating process.

If you still encounter any issues, then you can leave your problem in the comment section below. We will provide a complete solution for your problem according to the error.

Still, want not satisfied with the sound quality? If yes, then you should get additional information on Audio Drivers To Improve Sound quality.


These are some of the best available steps, which you can use to Fix Corrupt Audio Drivers on Windows. So, get more interesting information on this website to resolve other issues of computer. Keep visiting and learn more things.

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