Citizen CT-S300 Driver Thermal Receipt Printer [2022]

Using the Receipt printer is one of the best ways to increase the productivity of work. If you are using the CT printer, then we are here with the Citizen CT-S300 Driver to enhance the printing experience for you.

As you know there are multiple devices, which are developed to enhance work productivity. The printers perform some of the best services of all time in different factors.

What is Citizen CT-S300 Driver?

Citizen CT-S300 Driver is the utility software, which creates the connection between the printer and operating system. Make additional changes in the printing process and access more services.

There are multiple types of digital devices available, which provides different types of services for the users. Similarly, there are multiple types of printers available with specific services.

You can find different types of printers with different services, which convert digital text or images to paper. So, there are different types of printers available, which users can use.

Citizen CTS300

The thermal Receipt Printer is one of the printer types, which is used to generate receipts. The device can easily print multiple types of content.

On the internet, there are multiple types of similar devices available, but as compared to other devices the Citizen CTS300 is quite popular all over the globe.

The device is specially developed to print instant receipts using any system. Most digital devices only support single-size paper.

But here you will get 80mm and 58mm width paper, which you can use to print multiple sizes of receipts easily with the device.

With the unique feature of change-able boards, you can remove and add any board according to your requirement. You can add USB, Parallel and Serial ports with this device.

The small size makes it easier for mobility, which can even hang on the wall. Enjoy the high-speed printing services with 100mm/sec.

Now you don’t need to worry about your company log or special characters anymore. With CT-S300-RF230, you can easily print multiple types of texts and logos.

Citizen CTS300 Driver

It even provides simple methods, through which you can easily store the logos. Fully customization services are also available for the users.

So, you can easily make random changes in the printing design according to your mood and requirement. Here you can get a color printing system.

Most of the receipts are small, which is why here you will also get a built-in automatic cutter available for the users.

The device provides some of the best specifications of all time for the users, which anyone can easily access and enjoy spending their quality time on the platform.

But some people are having a problem with locating the latest available drivers for the device. Therefore, we are here with the latest drivers for you all.

There are limited devices available, which are compatible with the drivers. So, we are going to share the compatible OS with you all in the list below.

Compatible Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Windows 8.1 64bit
  • Windows 8 64bit
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Windows Vista 64bit
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

These are the available supported Operating systems, which can access these drivers. There are multiple modes of the device, which can also be used using similar drivers.

List of Compatible Device Models 

  • CT-S300-RF230
  • CT-S300-PF230
  • CT-S300-UF230
  • CT-S300-RF120
  • CT-S300-PF120
  • CT-S300-UF120

If you are using any of these devices, then you can use a similar driver to access all available similar services and improve your experience.

How to Download Citizen CTS300 Driver?

If you want to get the latest driver, then you don’t need to search on the web and waste your time anymore.

We are here with the latest available drivers, which you can easily download to your system. So, find the download section at the bottom of this page.

In the section find the download button and download it on your system. Run the .exe file and update the drivers easily.

After the updating process is completed remove the device and restart the system. Once the system is restarted, then connect the printer and start printing.


If you are looking for an economical receipt printer, then get the  Citizen CTS300 Driver and device. You can easily resolve all your problems easily with the device.

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Printer Driver: 1.600.0.0


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