AOC E1659FWU Driver Ultra Slim Portable Monitor [2022]

Encountering a problem with your portable Smart Monitor? If you are using the E1659FWU Smart Monitor and encountering problems, then get AOC E1659FWU Driver to resolve all errors.

There are tons of different types of digital devices available for users, which offer different services for the users. So, if you want to resolve monitor-related issues, then stay with us and explore below.

What is AOC E1659FWU Driver?

AOC E1659FWU Driver is a Monitor utility program, which is specially developed for E1659FWU Smart Monitor. Get the updated drivers to resolve all simple problems and enhance performance.

If you love to play games and use the AOC Curve gaming 24” Monitor, then we also have AOC C24G1 Driver. Enhance your gaming experience with the updated driver.

AOC E1659FWU Drivers

There are various types of devices are available, which people use to access different services. But one of the most important features of any digital device is the display.

Without the display, any device is incomplete, which is why you can find multiple devices that provide the best display. So, today we are here with one of the most popular display monitors of all time.

There are various types of AOC devices are available, which you can find all over the globe. AOC offers some of the best collections of display digital devices.

So, if you are willing to know about one of the best products of AOC, then you can stay with us for a while and explore all. We are here with complete information related to the AOC E1659FWU 16” Monitor.

One of the most popular portable Monitors, which provides some of the finest specs for the users. the monitor is specially developed for business use, through which users can easily move with it.

There are multiple types of specifications are available for the users, which users can use and have fun with. So, if you are willing to explore all these services, then you only need to stay with us.

We are going to share some of the basic features of the monitor here with you all. So, anyone can easily know about the available features.

With the 16 inches screen size, you will get a normal screen for business use. With the 16 inches, you will get some of the best and most smooth graphics experience.


Here you will also get normal display resolution, through which anyone can have fun spending time. You will get a 1366 X 768-pixel resolution, which provides a clear resolution for the users.

The AOC ultra slim size of the monitor provides fast and easy traveling features for the users. So, moving around with the device won’t be difficult for anyone.

Here you don’t need to use any kind of power cable anymore. You can easily provide power using the USB Cable and use it. So, anyone can have fun spending their time with this amazing monitor.

There are similarly more features available, which users can explore. So, if you want to use it, then you should get the device and explore it more.

Common Problems

But there are some common problems with the device, which users can encounter. So, get the information related to the common errors below.

  • Connection Problem
  • OS Unable To Recognize Device
  • Display Crash
  • Unclear Display
  • Can RUN Specific Programs
  • Many More

Similarly, there are many more problems available for the users, you can encounter. So, if you are facing any of these problems, then the best solution is too updated Drivers.

The drivers perform an important role in data-sharing. So, without the driver, OS cannot share data with the monitor. So, the display will be not clear and disturbed for the users.

So, we are here with the updated drivers, which you can get. But before AOC E1659FWU Drivers Download explore the information related to the compatible OS.

Compatible OS

Here you will get information related to the driver-compatible OS. Get all related information about compatibility in the provided list below.

  • Windows 11 X64
  • Windows 10 32/64bit
  • Windows 8.1 32/64bit
  • Windows 8 32/64bit
  • Windows 7 32/64bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit/X64
  • Windows XP 32bit/Professional X64 Edition

If you are using any of these OS, then you can get the compatible Drivers from this page. Get all related information about the utilities below.

How To Download AOC E1659FWU Updated Drivers?

Here you will get the fastest downloading process, through which anyone can easily get the driver. You can find the latest updated driver on this page, which you can easily download.

So, find the download button, which is provided at the bottom of this page. Once you found the button, then you only need to wait a few seconds.

The downloading process will soon start automatically after the tap has been made. If you have any kind of problem with the downloading process, then you can also contact us.


Why is E1659FWU Auto Pivot Mode Not Working?

Sometimes, outdated drivers affect the mode.

How to Resolve Auto Pivot Mode Error On E1659FWU?

Updated the drivers from this page and easily resolve the problem.

How to Updated E1659FWU Drivers?

Download the zip file from this page, unzip it, open the folder, run the .exe program, and update divers.


You can easily enhance the performance and resolve all errors with updated drivers. Get AOC E1659FWU Driver Download from the link below and update your system.

Download Link

Monitor Driver

  • All Windows OS: 7.2.48500.0

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